Eventing Announcements


All stabling is in the A and B barns and adjacent tent (if needed). Starting on Thursday, May 2, competitors can select their stalls. STALLS ARE NOT ASSIGNED.

Stalls are numbered and have an index card attached to them. Write your name and phone number on the card of the stall you select. MAKE NOTE OF THE STALL NUMBER(S). A GOOD WAY TO REMEMBER THE NUMBER IS TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT. YOU WILL NEED THESE STALL NUMBERS WHEN YOU REGISTER AT THE SHOW OFFICE.

May 3-5, 2019 | Lamplight Equestrian Center | Wayne, IL


  • Here’s everything you need to know about the 2019 Wayne Eventing Derby:
  • ENTRIES OPEN MARCH 26th! Enter EARLY, this year we will be limited to 100 entries, first come, first served.
  • Enter by April 23rd for DISCOUNTED ENTRY FEE.
  • This year will feature TWO Ride-A-Test rings to accomodate more riders, with experienced dressage judges who will critique your ride(s).
  • Stabling will be in barns D and E. We are asking competitors to take a picture of their stall number(s) and bring it to the show office so your name(s) can be added to the stabling diagram.
  • A special prize will be awarded to the best dressage test score in each division! Polish up those Mad Dressage Skillz!
  • The popular TIP program is back for the Beginner Novice, Novice and Training divisions. Each TIP entry will receive a book donated by a local Thoroughbred organization.
  • The Golden Oldies Award is back! Donated by Sheila Strickler and Cyndi Kurth, this award is for the best-placed horse and rider with the highest combined ages.
  • The popular Move Up Challenge will once again be offered.
  • The Pony Club award is for the best placed member in good standing of Pony Club. Be sure to sign up in the office for this special award!
  • The Derby will once again benefit the Midwest Daschund Rescue, Inc., and Illinois/Wisconsin Search & Rescue Dogs, Inc.


Whatever weather gods the Wayne Eventing Derby committee prayed to deserve a ton of thank yous, especially considering that there was a covering of newly fallen snow on the ground the day competitors’ horses started arriving at Lamplight Equestrian Center, the site of the competition. “People chilly, horse perfect,” was how one person described the weekend’s temperatures.

The “extras,” in addition to five well-filled, well-managed levels of competition, are what make this early spring weekend special. Midwestern eventers and a handful of foxhunters brave riding outside the confines of indoor rings in order to shake the rust off and hone their skills before the serious USEA Area 4 competitions begin. Horses of all breeds and riders of all levels romped around Jon Wells’ beautifully designed and built courses, and fine-tuned their dressage skills under the watchful eyes of judges Cindy dePorter and Jennifer Kotylo.

For the ninth year, Thoroughbreds were honored by The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program, the T.I.P. awards. This year’s winners were La Ferrari and Bonnie Bowman at Training level, Bora Bora Bound and Erin Loitfellner at Novice, and Sazerac and Erinn Tobin at Beginner Novice. The new Golden Oldie Award for the best placed, highest combined horse and rider ages went to Susan Schacht and Fun on Ice.

The highest placed Pony Club member at any level was honored on Sunday. Melissa Filson on Tipperary Keelin was the well-deserved winner

The Move Up Challenge was inaugurated last year and was an instant hit. After competitors complete the final round in their division, Move Up Challenge riders then jump a course one level higher. The winner of the Move Up Challenge was Kyra Bergmann and her Thoroughbred, Quid Pro Quo.

All in all, it was a successful weekend for all. Smiles outnumbered frowns, the Derby’s two beneficiaries, Midwest Dachshund Rescue and IL-WIS Search and Rescue Dogs, each received healthy donations and miraculously, not one flake of snow or drop of rain fell.

Congratulations!! The winner of the 2018 Wayne Eventing Derby Move Up Challenge was Kyra Bergmann and Quid Pro Quo, and the winner of the Golden Oldie Award was Susan Schacht and Fun on Ice, owned by Christina Cressey.

2018 Wayne Eventing Derby OFFICIALS

JUDGES | Cindy dePorter, Jennifer Kotylo, Jennifer Quagliata

SECRETARIES/SCORERS | Anna Margolef, Evententries.com, Bridget Moran

COURSE DESIGNER/BUILDERS | Jon Wells, Stormy Daniels

ANNOUNCER | Cyndi Kurth

PHOTOGRAPHER | Rare Air Photography


TIMING | Bill Wheaton


AWARDS | Becky Bowen

MEDICAL | Evanston F.D. Paramedics

VET ON CALL | Illinois Equine Field Service

CATERING | Classic Cuisine

LAMPLIGHT LIAISONS | Nina Moore, Salvadore Gomez

IDCTA & PONY CLUB LIAISON | Allison Volpentesta

2018 Wayne Eventing Derby SPONSORS, SUPPORTERS & DONORS

Little Foxes, Inc.

Dover Saddlery


Saddlers Row


Bits ‘N Spurs

John and Susan Clarke

Margaret MacHarg and Ron Illian

Becky Bowen

Sheila Strickler and Cyndi Kurth

Allison Volpentesta

Red Roses Farm

Kathy Curtice


For the most up-to-date information on the Wayne Eventing Derby, please go to  www.wayneeventingderby.org