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Virtual Show Series 2024

IDCTA Virtual Show Series Starts January 19th for the First Show

Be Prepared for the Show Season!Ride a dressage test from your home barn and have it evaluated by judges that you may see in the arenas this spring and summer!

The judges for the IDCTA Virtual Show Series are rated “R” and “S”.This is a great opportunity to get feedback from a judge and improve your test without affecting your year-end scores.

No stabling or travel costs, so virtual shows cost less. The experience is private, you and the Judge, one-on-one.

If you are worried about the size of your arena-Remember that as long as the arena is smaller than a real dressage arena, it can be used for the video.

Show Bill

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Virtual Horse Show Video Instructions

Dates for the Virtual Show:

Show 1: January 19-28 – Judge – Charlotte Trentelman “S” and WDAA “R”  Results Show 1

Show 2: February 16-25 – Judge – Marie Maloney “r” and WDAA “R”

Show 3: March 15-24 – Judge – Margaret Freeman “S” and Janice Mumford WDAA “R”

Show 4 and Championship: April 12-28 – Judge – Robin Brueckmann “S”

Past Virtual Series

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