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Author: Lydia Gray, DVM


Horse Health During Long Distance Trailering April 2021

Adjusting to Pasture May 2021

Heat and Ice Therapy Explained June 2021

Summer Sores July 2021

Coughing During Warm-Up August 2021

Bot Eggs September 2021

Clipping A Horse’s Whiskers October 2021

Is Your Horse an Introvert or an Extrovert? November 2021


How to Introduce a New Horse to a Herd May 2020

Leader and the Scary Red Round Thing May 2020

Seven Steps to Sidesaddle Success June 2020

101 Things I Didn’t Know About Raising a Young Horse June 2020

Ask the Vet – Summers Hottest Questions July 2020

Dressage Seat Equitation September 2020

How to Potty Train Your Pony October 2020

Winter Hydration November 2020

Preventing Horse Bar Fires December 2020


Author: Eric Dierks


Eric’s Training Corner May 2021

Sport June 2021

Getting Started July 2021

Working on a Consistent Balanced Jump August 2021

Working on a Consistent Balanced Jump October 2021

Great Day for a Trail Ride November 2021


Achieving Steps Forward Into a Foggy Future May 2020

Goals Through Measurable Progress June 2020

Complementing Personality in Partnership July 2020

Training Philosophy August 2020

Ride Toward Finding Fulfillment September 2020


Author: Fatima Kranz


Get With The Program! April 2021

Safety First May 2021


A Responsible Approach to Showing August 2020

Common Courtesy in the Ring September 2020

Planning for an Uncertain Future December 2020

Showing in the age of COVID July 2020


General Interest


Introduction to Fox Hunting April 2021

Schooling Show Spotlight April 2021

Why We Hunt June 2021

Be A Student of Your Horse October 2021

Jim Kolford Clinic October 2021


A Clinic with Anne Cizaldo December 2020

Horse Shows Go Virtual August 2020

Life Between The Ears – The Upstate by Amy Grahn October 2020